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Edible School Yard

Bri and Bruce Nelson generously donated the Edible Schoolyard Garden to TVCDC in 2019. Bri (Schulz) Nelson is a former graduate of Red Cloud High School.

Our Edible Schoolyard Garden aims to involve students in the experience of growing, harvesting, preparing, and sharing food as a means of fostering knowledge of food and food systems, improving students' food choices, and connecting students to the land, the environment, and their community. We encourage community volunteers to be a part of the Edible Schoolyard process. The Edible Schoolyard has an indoor greenhouse, an outdoor greenhouse, raised beds, in ground plants, and a compost bin. The children are actively involved in the process of growing a plant from seed, taking care of it, harvesting it and eating it. Produce is served at TVCDC for meals, given to families, and excess is sold at the local Farmer's Market on Thursday nights throughout the summer in Red Cloud. We host a community wide planting day in the spring and Community Garden Night at the end of the summer that involves a free meal with produce grown in the garden and clean-up of the garden.

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